Sharing Creativity

20 Feb

Firstly, Congratulations are in order for Michele, who has been accepted to study architecture and started today.  I’ve always had an interest in architecture, so will be keen to see how this goes.

Some people I know are very creative. My friend Steve wrote a basic outline for 101 TV shows – because someone challenged him to. You can read them here

My brother and his girlfriend created this boat for the Fremantle Sailing Festival. Photos are here.

And my favourite story I heard today:

Rachael, my friend and Bollywood teacher also teaches dance at a women’s prison. She’s been teaching them a routine for a concert they’re putting on in a few weeks. One of the women, however, is due to be released a couple of days before the concert but really wants to participate. Apparently this is the first time the staff have been asked by a prisoner if they could stay in prison. If that’s not a testament to a good and fun teacher, I don’t know what is.
While on the topic of dance, if I wasn’t doing Bollywood, I reckon I’d be doing swing dancing. This lovely video makes it look so much fun.

This also isn’t by anyone I know, but I love this very creative video about a life on a bike.

And because I’m a planner, can suburban sprawl be art?


Facts of the day:

Lighting consumes 19% of the world’s electric power.
66% of this is used by commercial and public buildings.
15% of this is street lighting


Research by the Bus Association of Victoria found that public transport users get an average of 41 minutes of physical activity each day, compared to people who drive, who get an average of 8 minutes of physical activity each day


According to Christopher Gelpi, a political science professor at Duke University who specialises in public attitudes to foreign policy, the most important single factor shaping Americans’ opinions about any war is whether they think America will win. …  It’s a mindset that understands the war in Vietnam as being wrong not because an independent country was invaded, flattened, millions murdered and thousands tortured. It was wrong because the US lost.

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